As we know beginning in Configuration Manager 2107, the virtual machine set option for cloud management gateway is out of preview.

Deprecated features — Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs

Classic Cloud deployments for the CMG will now be considered deprecated after March 1, 2022.

I’m deleting my classic cloud deployment…

Long story short, I needed to recursively install all Windows Updates, within a directory tree silently. These are .cab files. They are structured as below:

Directory Structure

Credit to original script thread I repurposed. I also know there are fancier PowerShell ways to do this. I needed something quick and dirty:


Long Story short here, but ran into a situation where the following was occurring:

Cloud Management Gateway Status is Ready

The Connection Point Status is Disconnected

See Screenshot below:

It also turns out the connection analyzer wouldn’t even get past step 2.

Also, after checking the \Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\SMS_Cloud_ProxyConnector.log…

I’m going to give the Microsoft published guidance a whirl, and intertwine my notes. Essentially, this is all the stuff that needs to be done prior to the Endpoint Manager Console will actually showing you the option to create provisioning policies, on prem connections,etc.

Here is Microsoft’s overview

First we…

Testing out the plumbing on Windows 11, checking existing deployment methods to ensure they work. (Autopilot, Intune Enrollment, Software Deployment.)

Here I used Michael Niehaus’s Trusty Script to upload the device hardware hash to the Autopilot Service:

Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo.ps1 -Online -AddtoGroup "Name of Group" -Assign

The usual screens:

Nathan Blasac

Consultant working mainly on System Center, Azure/EMS, Systems Management and Windows Deployment.

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